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Northern Belle Caters to your Life was born out of a mother’s will!


Chantal Thomas, the owner of Northern Belle Caters to Your Life, was a perfectly content state employee until one afternoon in 2017 when her son came home from school with great new. He was offered the opportunity to travel to Europe with his school class. Europe! 

Initially she was overwhelmed with pride and excitement for her son, but that was immediately followed by that familiar pit in her stomach. Europe was not cheap and state employees are not the most generously compensated workers in the market. Nonetheless one thing was clear. Her son WOULD be going to Europe. 

While contemplating her next move over a glass (or several) of wine the answer presented itself! She would do what she loves - she would cook! And so she did. She started by catering small events for people who worked with her at the courthouse. One thing led to another before she knew it she had not only raised the $5,000 she needed to make her son’s dream come true but enough to justify launching a whole second career. 

Northern Belle Caters to your Life, LLC  was born!

Meet Chantal


Chantal has a passion for cooking and serving. She is a mother of 3 young men, and they are her harshest critics, keeping her on her toes. Feeding them has always been a joy, expanding their palates and nourishing their souls, one spoonful at a time. 

Her mother was first culinary instructor. Teaching her everything from time and temperature to plating and presentation. As one of eight children, Chantal has dobbed herself as “Big Momma” of the family, taking pride in hosting family gatherings and spreading love through her food. 

She believes that food should make you feel good! Her goal every time she places food on a plate is to have her toes tapping, head nodding, and doing a happy dance, all while humming your favorite tune. From plant-based to surf and turf, Chef Chantal cooks it all! 

Cleanliness, sanitation, safe food handling, and customer service are her top priorities. Chantal is ServSafe certified.


Northern Belle Caters to ALL of Your Life!

Chantal is nothing if not ambitious and when she launched her company in 2017 catering was never the goal. Chantal chose the name Northern Belle Caters to your Life because she truly envisioned catering to your entire life!


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