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Homemade Meals without the Homemade Mess! 

Looking to hire a private chef? Whether it's an intimate dinner with friends or a full-force family reunion, planning a private affair can spread a host thin, requiring loads of attention to detail, time, and energy. 

But with our personal chef services, we'll take planning, prepping, and shopping off your plate today. Instead, we help provide you with a great-tasting, affordable meal right in the comfort of your own home (or venue of choice). 

  • Personalized Menu: Our chef takes the time to understand your needs, crafting a personal menu that'll satisfy your desires! You can put your energy towards something else no matter what you're craving. 
  • Intimate Atmosphere: Skip the drive to the restaurant or event venue (which is usually far away). And you won't need to make multiple trips to the grocery store. Instead, one of our private chefs will do all the work for you. We'll plan, prep and plate right in the comfort of your very own home. 
  • Save Time, Money & Energy: The clean-up makes a house party cringy and oh-so dreadful. Fortunately, with our chef services, you'll be able to kick off the heels or change straight into your jammies once the parties are over, and rest assured, you won't wake up with a mountain of dishes in the sink. 

If you're searching for a personal chef, Northern Belle Caters you covered! With our home catering services, we'll help hosts *cheers* to a good night without all the extra work of planning, prepping, and plating. So, sit back and enjoy your meal with good company!

personal chef

Intimate Dinners

Hosting a cocktail party or impressing your sweetheart with an intentional, intimate meal? Small, private in-home events allow guests to feel comfortable around the table while enjoying a delicious meal.

personal chef

Family Reunions

Getting together and catching up with family is good for the soul. So, let’s play corn houl, laugh until it hurts and cook up some good ol’ BBQ? Don’t forget to bring me a matching t-shirt!

personal chef

 Milestones & Parties

Getting together and catching up with family is good for the soul. So, let’s play corn hole, laugh until it hurts, and cook up some good ol’ BBQ? Don’t forget to bring me a matching t-shirt!

What to Expect with Personal Chef Services? 

Yay! You’re here.

Maybe you’ve already browsed our menu, read up on our personal chef services, or otherwise loved what you saw on our site enough to learn more about us. But, before you pick up the phone call, it’s helpful to gather a few details:

  • Event Date: Do you have a special date in mind, or are you flexible with your time?
  • Event Size: You don’t need to know a specific number of guests in the beginning, but it’s helpful to know if you’re estimating an event of 25 or 500!
  • Event Location: If you know where your event will be, that’s awesome. If not, be sure to bring this up. I can help offer suggestions!
Step 1: Call Us for a Consult

Now that you’ve gathered the basic information, it’s time to get in touch! You can submit a contact form, email me at (EMAIL ADDRESS), or give me a jingle at (PHONE NUMBER). *

Step 2: Planning & Plotting

It’s time for the fun stuff - menu planning! At this time, we’ll discuss what you’d like on your menu and what services you envision for your event. 

When we’ve got your menu and services finalized, we’ll put together a professional quote that outlines all the things we’ve agreed upon. We’ll ask for a signature and a deposit at this time. 

Step 3: Wait, Prep & Confirm

While we’re waiting for your event day to arrive, we’ll be confirming last-minute details, such as what time to arrive to set up, where to park and what attire we should be dressed in. If you have any questions during this time, you can always reach out to me directly at (PHONE NUMBER).

Step 4: Showtime!

We made it! It’s your big day, and we know anxiety might be creeping up. But fear not, we’re ready to go as planned. From setting up to cleaning up, you can count on us to be on time with everything you need to make your event more than what you’ve ever imagined. 

*Thank you for understanding Northern Belle, Caters Your Life Catering is owned and operated by myself. There may be a time when I’m not available when you call, but please leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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